Even great writers sometimes need help to improve their writing skills. So, it’s good to have some apps for writing when those days come. These writing apps can make your writing better and inspire you to write. Also, they can help you to organize your ideas.

You can use these apps to research, keep track of your work, and share drafts with editors. These free and paid writing apps are valuable for both new and experienced writers. In this guide, we will introduce the 10 best writing apps for you to improve your skills.

Top 10 Apps for Writing

Writing apps help you to make your writing better and easier. They provide you with tools to check spelling and grammar, offer a better writing style, and recommend words to apply. These apps for writing give suggestions for finding your mistakes. Here, we have listed the top 10 apps for writing:

1. Docuo

best writing apps -docuo

Docuo stands out as the best app for writing. It takes the help of an AI assistant to make your document writing better. Docuo checks your spelling and expands or shortens your sentences. Also, it allows you to translate them into other languages. By using this free writing app, you can easily work with other writers and improve your content. Docuo creates high-quality documents by working longer hours. Furthermore, it helps you to optimize your content. You can use its themes and templates for online publishing. This writing app gives your content the recognition it requires by taking care of SEO optimization.

2. Scrivener

free writing apps - scrivener

Scrivener is one of the best writing apps for dealing with large writing tasks like novels or research papers. This free writing app can assist you in organizing your work into smaller parts. It makes the work more manageable. Moreover, you can keep and easily access your research materials within the app. The distraction-free writing mode is one notable feature of Scrivener. It lets you hide everything else on your screen while you have to concentrate on your writing. For writers who want to add organization and concentration to their work, this tool is a great choice for them.

3. ProWritingAid

ipad writing app -prowritingaid

Another best app for writing is ProWritingAid. This free writing app provides feedback on style, grammar, and readability. It gives people useful suggestions to help them get better at writing. Also, this tool makes your writing clearer and more organized. ProWritingAid searches for your mistakes and words that don’t make any sense in the text. By using this tool, you can easily fix your mistakes like grammar errors, repeating words, or sentences that are too hard to read. Furthermore, this writing tool gives advice on improving the way ideas are connected. It can get rid of complicated language and use simple words. Writers can create great content to keep their readers interested by using ProWritingAid.

4. Evernote

best writing apps for ipad - evernote

Evernote is one of the greatest apps for writing down and organizing your ideas. This tool is like a digital notebook that you can carry anywhere you want. Also, you can set reminders to memorize important things. Evernote can sync your notes on all your devices. This feature is helpful since you can see your ideas on your tablet, computer, or phone. By using this tool, you can easily keep your ideas easily accessible. Further, it can help you to stay organized and improve your writing.

5. Hemingway Editor

free writing app - hemingway editor

Hemingway Editor is one of the free writing apps that can make your writing easier and clearer to understand. This app points out too many adverbs, passive voice, and complicated sentences. You can easily know where to improve with this tool. Hemingway Editor highlights problem areas like complex sentences by using multiple colors. Again, it encourages you to use simpler words and shorter sentences. Hemingway Editor is a must-have if you want your reader to understand your writing easily.

6. Grammarly

apps for writing - grammarly

Grammarly is one of the best writing apps to find plagiarism and check grammar. It uses artificial intelligence to assist you with writing. Both the free and premium versions of Grammarly are helpful. This tool provides suggestions for editing such as using shorter sentences, offering alternatives for a better vocabulary, and avoiding passive voice. These suggestions are helpful when you have to reduce your word count. Besides, this tool even has a keyboard that goes well with all your apps. Your messages and emails can be mistake-free with this feature. Whether you’re a student or a professional, Grammarly can be a great choice for anyone who wishes to improve their writing skill.

7. ChatGPT

writing apps for android - chatgpt

You can try using another free writing app named ChatGPT. This tool gives ideas and organizes your thoughts. It’ll create text for you when you ask questions or tell it to write. ChatGPT ensures your writing makes sense and is correct. You can use this writing app if you require to write a lot in a very short time. Again, you can ask his tool to explain complicated topics. However, ChaGPT might give wrong information sometimes. We don’t suggest using this tool for creative writing although it’s known for being versatile.

8. Ginger

best app for writing - ginger

Ginger is one of the famous apps for writing that helps you correct grammar and spelling mistakes. Also, it makes your writing better. This tool offers various ways to make sentences clearer. Ginger is a handy tool for those who write in different languages. It guesses what words you might use next and this makes writing faster. Ginger helps you choose the right words by looking at the context. You can express yourself properly by using this free writing app. It can be a great option if you wish to improve your writing while typing emails or messages on your device.

9. iA Writer

best writing apps - ia writer

iA Writer is known as one of the best writing apps for iPad. You can use this tool for writing articles and short blogs. It helps you to stay focused on your writing. This tool can be used on iPad, iPhone, and Mac. You can minimize distractions with its Focus mode. Another great feature of this tool is the full-screen mode. This mode highlights the line you’re typing and fades out the rest of the document. iA Writer is a great tool for concentrating on your writing.

10. Google Docs

free writing apps - google docs

Google Docs is another well-known free writing app that helps you to work together on writing. It allows many people to edit one document at the same time. This feature is useful for team projects or group projects. Again, you can get your work anywhere as it is saved online. This tool suggests grammar and spelling mistakes while you are working. Google Docs is a dependable and simple choice if you need to work on documents with others or want an easy way to access your work from multiple devices.

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Final word

In this guide, we introduced the 10 best writing apps to improve your skills. These top 10 apps for writing can help you to become a better writer. They can organize your ideas and make it easier to improve your skills. Using these tools can help you get your work done smoothly whether you’re a writer, a student, or someone who works with words. However, Docuo is the best app for writing among all of them. This free writing app can translate your work into different languages. Again, it takes the help of AI to get your writing better and faster. Go for Docuo if you want a writing tool that offers a lot of features.

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