As the world is moving towards digitalization in this post-COVID era, there is a significant increase in the demand for AI marketing tools. Businessmen are preferring to establish online stores to reach a wider audience. Marketing agencies also prefer using AI tools to automate digital marketing campaigns to manage workload. This article will familiarize you with the best AI tools for digital marketing to help you grow your business.

How is AI Used as a Marketing Tool?

AI has found a vast application in digital marketing to ease the load on marketers and boost the efficacy of marketing campaigns. Different marketers make use of AI marketing tools for aspects of online marketing according to their needs. Let’s analyze some of the best ways to use artificial intelligence to boost your marketing efficiency.

1. Customer Segmentation

AI analyzes customer data to identify different segments within your target audience. By doing so, it allows marketers to create more personalized campaigns and messages fitting their needs and preferences.

2. SEO Optimization

After segmenting your target audience, AI can help you analyze search trends and keywords to optimize the content for search engines. Moreover, it can suggest improvements to on-page and off-page SEO strategies.

3. Content Creation

Content marketers can utilize AI to generate product descriptions, blog posts, and social media updates to save time and resources. However, it’s essential to ensure that AI-generated content maintains quality and relevance to attract readers.

4. Social Media Management

AI marketing platforms can also schedule social media posts and suggest content strategies based on user interactions. Additionally, all of this will ensure a consistent online presence and better social media marketing performance.

5. Sentiment Analysis

Digital marketers can get help from AI tools to analyze social media mentions and customer reviews to keep an eye on customers’ sentiments and feedback. As a result, this information will help businesses adapt their marketing strategies according to customers’ needs.

11 Top Best AI Tools for Marketing to Grow Business

After going through the previous section, you know about the application of these AI tools for marketing. Now, we will introduce the top 11 marketing tools available in the market that can significantly boost the productivity of your campaigns. So, without wasting time, let’s dig deep into the functionality of these AI-powered marketing tools.

1. Docuo 

ai marketing tools - docuo

Docuo is one of the best AI marketing tools that helps developers write code efficiently to ease the website creation process. Even beginners can make use of this AI tool to write basic codes for their websites. In addition to that, it further allows you to clean or explain code with the “Code with AI” feature.

With the help of this AI feature, developers can improve the maintainability of the eCommerce websites they are handling. Moreover, marketers can automate content marketing strategies using the “Writing with AI” feature of this productive tool. They can even use this best AI tool for digital marketing to transform AI-generated codes into product documentation.


  • You can utilize the capabilities of this AI content marketing tool to greatly decrease the time spent on documentation tasks.
  • This best AI tool for digital marketing can also translate documents written in other languages to English using its AI writing feature.   
  • Docuo also allows you to integrate images and videos into the document to add visual content to your writing.
  • Writers and developers can collaborate to use this AI tool for the creation of a winning marketing strategy. Moreover, developers can take care of the coding side of the strategy, while writers can optimize website documentation.


  • This AI tool for marketing is not available as a mobile or desktop app.

2. Feedeo

feedeo ai marketing tool

Feedeo by Spreading.AI is a powerful AI marketing tool designed to drive revenue and customer loyalty through personalized video content. With Feedeo, you can enhance your sales and loyalty by using dynamic interactive videos to share your brand’s story. Moreover, you can even answer frequently asked questions, provide personalized onboarding experiences, collect valuable feedback, and showcase products. It also offers self-service options, reducing support costs and making your brand more accessible to customers.


  • One of Feedeo’s key advantages is its ability to reduce website bounce rates by 3x, providing a better user experience and improved website performance.
  • Incorporating AI-generated videos allows businesses to save over 75% of the time and costs associated with traditional video creation methods.


  • There is no offline version available for this AI-powered video marketing tool.

3. AdCopy

best ai marketing tools - adcopy

AdCopy is an AI marketing tool that provides you with unique and high-quality ads that can skyrocket your business. You can use this AI tool to copy-paste any variation of ads within seconds. Additionally, this tool uses an advanced AI creativity amplifier, which can generate interesting ad assets for your company. Marketing agencies can utilize the ad creation feature of this AI tool to optimize their ads with an image or logo.


  • AdCopy provides a complete customization option where you play around with ad creativity, copy, and structure to craft a perfect ad to market your product.
  • Users can also use this AI tool for marketing to convert ads within 60 seconds, which drives more clicks and traffic to your branding website.


  • It only provides integration with Facebook, which is not sufficient for an AI marketing tool.

4. INK

marketing ai tools - ink

INK is one of the best SEO and sentimental analysis tools that can assist you in generating AI content fitting the needs of Google and its readers. It claims to be the first and only AI-integrated SEO assistant available in the market. This tool also has a specialized keyword researcher and clustering tool to dominate the SERP rankings. Additionally, you can use its SEO tool to convert quality leads into potential customers.


  • Users also have the option to utilize the “AI Writer” tool offered on this platform to create SEO-optimized articles for content marketing campaigns.
  • This tool also boasts an AI-powered assistant trained in over 130 marketing skills. All you have to do is take advantage of these AI templates to make your marketing plan successful.


  • This AI marketing tool only provides 4,000 INK credits in the Professional plan, which can limit your work if you are dealing with multiple clients.

5. Acrolinx 

best ai tools for digital marketing - acrolinx

Acrolinx allows marketers to build compelling content to attract and inspire readers, ultimately resulting in better sales conversions. With its unique linguistic analytics engine, this best AI marketing tool can analyze your already written content and then offer instant recommendations to enhance the quality of written materials. In addition to that, this AI platform helps you create content resonating with your brand message to maintain consistency over time.


  • You can make use of this AI tool for digital marketing to maintain the tone and style of your writing while creating content for different platforms.
  • Users can integrate this AI tool while working on different platforms, including WordPress, Word, or Excel sheets.


  • This AI marketing platform needs to add more formatting and theme options to allow you to personalize the content.

6. MarketMuse

best ai tools for marketing - marketmuse

MarketMuse is a content strategizing tool that helps marketing companies plan insightful content for their website. Users can also optimize their content creation process with automated keyword research to rank better on SERP. Moreover, this best AI marketing tool also automates your content by removing subjectivity so that you can prioritize the right content. Content marketing companies can use this AI tool to make their cluster creation with insightful topics.  


  • Users can also structure their content by using the topic model to reveal gaps in what other companies fail to include in the SERP.
  • The content briefing feature can provide blueprints to your topic with questions to answer, links, and more with minimal effort and edits.    


  • MarketMuse is pretty expensive, and it doesn’t provide multiple features in its Standard plan, such as Unlimited Content Briefs, Domain Analysis, and Managed Topics Tracking.  

7. Anyword

ai marketing platform anyword

Anyword is an AI performance writing platform that helps content marketing companies resonate with their brand. With the help of this AI marketing tool, users can even analyze their content to figure out what type of messaging works on their website, ads, and social media. Additionally, you can manage your brand message with proper tone and rules. Furthermore, marketing teams can create engaging content with its built-in SEO optimization feature.        


  • Users can integrate this platform in ChatGPT, Canva, and Notion AI to create a brand-specific message.
  • This AI marketing tool can generate scores and ranks by predicting your content performance so that only your best variations get served online.


  • Anyword doesn’t offer any app integrations, which makes task management a little challenging.

8. Scalenut

ai marketing tools - scalenut

Scalenut is an excellent AI marketing tool that empowers your content and helps marketers grow their businesses. This tool allows you to generate up to 1500-word articles in cruise mode with SERP data, NLP key terms, and zero plagiarism. Additionally, users can write powerful SEO-optimized content with AI writing technology. You can also scale your organic traffic with a traffic analyzer that gives you insights into how well your website is performing.  


  • This AI marketing platform provides you with all-in-one content marketing tools where you can plan, research, create, and optimize.
  • You can access various keyword ideas within seconds, which include CPC, keyword volume, and keyword relevancy for your targeted audience.  


  • Scalenut AI only allows you to collaborate with your team members in the Pro and Enterprise plan.

9. Brandwatch

ai tools for marketing - brandwatch

Brandwatch is an enterprise social intelligence platform that empowers brands to monitor and analyze online conversations for valuable insights. Furthermore, all these insights let business owners make informed business decisions, as this AI tool provides them with a deeper understanding of the ROI of their marketing investments. Moreover, this AI tool for marketing supports over 40 languages to perform advanced topic and sentiment analysis in different languages.


  • Content marketers can take advantage of their integrated content calendar and approval flows to ensure on-brand written content across different social media platforms.
  • Users can collect social data using its AI-integrated system with just a few clicks. Moreover, its simple interface makes user data collection even easier for social media marketers.


  • There is no freemium version available for this tool, so you have to purchase this marketing tool to enjoy its full functionality.  

10. Flick

best ai marketing tools - flick

Flick is an AI marketing tool where you can manage your social media workflow using copywriting, scheduling, analytics, and other features. Users can use AI social assistants to create content while brainstorming endless ideas. Moreover, you can craft on-branding captions 10x faster, which helps grow your business faster. Marketing companies can even keep track of their brand with content strategy, analytics, and 20+ key metrics across all social media platforms.   


  • Flick helps you streamline your social planning with a consistent schedule where you can custom-reel thumbnails and generate captions with AI.
  • It provides you with 40 unique hashtag suggestions to drive more traffic to your website. Furthermore, you can generate hashtags in 20+ languages.


  • The beta version of the AI assistant does not meet the requirements of the users as it lacks in crafting unique content ideas.


ai tools for marketing - smartwriter can help you generate thousands of personalized emails to boost the effectiveness of your email marketing strategy. Email marketers can make use of the “Social Personalization” of this AI tool to write about things their targeted client has shared on his social profiles. Moreover, this AI marketing tool can search through podcasts, interviews, and articles to formulate unique content that grabs the attention of the reader.


  • With the help of the “Contextual Pitches” feature of this AI email marketing tool, you can fully personalize the emails for better lead generation.
  • This AI tool for digital marketing can also provide you with compelling social media content to aid your social media marketing campaigns.


  • It has been reported by many users that this AI marketing tool is generating generic content against their prompts.


As discussed throughout the article, there are lots of AI marketing tools available that can enhance the productivity of your campaigns. However, you have to pick the right digital marketing tool to optimize the marketing strategies in a proper way. All the tools mentioned in this article will help you in one way or another to boost the efficacy of your marketing campaigns.

If you are looking to set up your eCommerce store or product website, Docuo is the best tool to aid in the web development process. Moreover, with its AI-powered coding and writing assistants, writers and developers can work together to formulate an optimized marketing strategy. So, try the features of this AI marketing platform to grow your business in an effective manner.

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