The growing use of AI is changing the way programmers code to earn their livelihood. The introduction of AI coding assistants in the market makes it much easier and more time-efficient for developers to write quality code. Companies have observed a significant decrease in coding errors after utilizing these AI coding assistant tools. This article will familiarize you with the best AI for code tools to boost your efficiency while writing complex codes.

What is an AI Coding Assistant?

An AI coding assistant is a computer program that uses artificial intelligence to help developers write and improve their code. It can provide suggestions, identify errors, and even generate sections of code automatically. Moreover, these AI tools can make use of machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) systems to understand and work with the code that developers are creating.

All you have to do is prompt AI to write or modify a particular code for you. In addition, sometimes you don’t even need to prompt the AI, as it will auto-fill the missing parts of code in real time. Furthermore, these AI for coding can assist both beginners and experienced programmers in saving time and enhancing code quality.

Why Do You Need to Use an AI Assistant for Coding?

As we have discussed in the previous section, AI coding assistants are developed to help programmers boost their efficiency. Moreover, these AI tools have the capability to automate routine coding tasks with the help of the latest algorithms. Let’s analyze some of the most common reasons to use the AI tools that write code:

  • Boost Speed and Efficiency: The primary purpose of these AI assistants is to help you write code faster. They can generate code snippets, suggest code improvements, and offer auto-completions to serve their purpose. All of these efforts will significantly reduce the time it takes to complete programming tasks.
  • Detect Errors: AI coding assistants can identify and highlight coding errors or potential issues in real-time. In addition, these efforts will lead to reducing the occurrence of bugs in your code, so you don’t have to spend time on debugging.
  • Learning and Guidance: All of these AI coding tools serve as valuable learning tools, especially for beginner programmers. Moreover, these AI tools can help developers improve their coding skills by explaining code concepts and best practices,
  • Improve Productivity: By automating repetitive and routine coding tasks, AI for coding allows developers to focus on the creative and problem-solving aspects of code development.

Top 10 AI Coding Assistants

After understanding the reasons to utilize AI assistants for coding, it is time to choose the best one for your needs. When choosing the most appropriate coding AI assistant, you have to consider the features and their pricing before making the choice. In this section, we will focus on such factors to help you make an informed decision.

1. Docuo

ai coding assistant docuo

Docuo is an efficient AI coding assistant that empowers developers to effortlessly transform basic code into comprehensive documents. Additionally, this excellent AI-powered tool further extends its capabilities to convert code into detailed directories and product guides. With its innovative “Code with AI” feature, users can experiment with their code simply by prompting AI to optimize or clean it as desired.

What sets this AI coding tool apart is its ability to explain code effectively through the same “Code with AI” feature. Developers can choose the tone of the explanation, optimizing it for the target audience. Whether you want to explain code in an easy-to-understand or professional tone, Docuo is versatile in meeting specific requirements.

Key Features

  • You can quickly create professional documentation websites using Docuo with ready-made themes and templates. You just have to configure your domain, and the website automatically adjusts to look great on all devices.
  • Moreover, it gives you the freedom to change your code into different programming languages such as ASP, Python, or JavaScript. You can meet the needs of various websites and create the correct code for each of them with the help of this AI tool.
  • This AI for coding enables developers and technical writers to work together on various projects. Developers can handle the coding part with the help of its AI code generator, while writers can focus on creating the documentation.

Pricing Plans

  • Free

2. Snyk Code

ai for coding tool snyk

Snyk Code is a cutting-edge AI coding tool from Snyk, which is a renowned security-focused software development app. Unlike other coding tools, this AI software doesn’t write or automate tasks but excels in real-time static application security testing. Also, it promptly detects vulnerabilities to swiftly address security concerns without delays typically associated with traditional SAST reports.

Key Features

  • This coding AI assistant is compatible with almost every famous programming language, including Java, PHP, and Python. In addition, it can be integrated with several IDEs to avoid any limitations in your workflow.
  • Snyk seamlessly integrates security into your IDE, conducting instant vulnerability scans on code, open-source libraries, containers, and cloud setups. Moreover, it offers practical fix suggestions within the code, enabling smooth workflow progression.
  • Its powerful machine learning system extensively searches through countless open-source libraries, working alongside human-guided AI to create a solid knowledge base.

Pricing Plans

  • Team: $57/developer per month

3. Codiga

ai that writes code - codiga

Codiga provides an AI-powered coding tool that enhances developers’ code quality, speed, and safety. With its latest AI algorithms, it examines code to detect potential errors and vulnerabilities, fulfilling the needs of developers who prioritize quality and security. While it’s compatible with various development environments, this AI tool also shines best in code review rather than code generation.

Key Features

  • This AI for coding can auto-fix the code after finding the irregularities using its advanced system. So, just run a coding test and rectify all your mistakes with only a single click. Once the testing is done, you can publicly share the code analysis rules on the Codiga Hub.
  • Codiga supports over 1800+ rules while performing automated code reviews. Additionally, it works with almost every popular coding language and library to ensure smooth workflow. By utilizing this AI coding assistant, you can get feedback on your code within a few seconds.
  • Other than that, this AI tool can even create and find code snippets to increase your coding speed. Furthermore, you can even share the code snippets with other developers to facilitate the collaboration.

Pricing Plans

  • Team: $14/user per month

4. Amazon CodeWhisperer

code writing ai with amazon codewhisperer

Amazon CodeWhisperer is a dynamic coding assistant offering free AI code generation capabilities with the power of machine learning. It’s designed to facilitate the coding experience with real-time recommendations right within your integrated development environment. Moreover, this AI coding assistant is compatible with renowned IDEs such as Visual Studio Code and AWS Cloud9.

Key Feature

  • Users can make use of a wide range of coding suggestions through this AI coding tool, as it offers everything from small code snippets to entire coding functions. In addition, Amazon CodeWhisperer drives all these coding snippets from its vast open-source code dataset.
  • This AI tool assists in highlighting hidden code vulnerabilities and offers suggestions for resolving these security issues. By following its recommendations, you can align your code with the industry’s top standards to enhance the overall robustness of your code.
  • CodeWhisperer’s proficiency extends across various programming languages, making it a valuable asset for a broad spectrum of software development projects.

Pricing Plans

  • Professional: $19/user per month

5. Seek AI

ai writing code with seek ai

Seek AI stands out as a generative AI for data management that helps developers break through the information barrier, which is slowing down development speed. Furthermore, this AI coding assistant has a chat-based interface that simplifies a typically intricate procedure of asking questions and getting answers. Additionally, it lets you access and analyze over 2400 datasets in response to your queries.

Key Features

  • In contrast to conventional AI coding tools, Seek stands out with its exclusive and patented Workflow technology. Moreover, you can integrate this system into your workflow to reduce inaccuracies other data analysts encounter.
  • Its advanced deep-learning models transform everyday language questions into top-notch SQL code, allowing for swift data queries. In addition, this AI tool has an in-built knowledge base that stores past questions to enhance its intelligence over time.
  • This AI for coding enjoys compatibility with communication platforms such as Slack and Microsoft Teams. Moreover, it can also be integrated with other IDEs like Azure, Snowflake, and BigQuery.

Pricing Plans

  • Custom Plan: Contact the Sales Team

6. Replit Ghostwriter

coding ai assistant - replit ghostwriter

Replit Ghostwriter can be your go-to AI coding tool if you’re looking to save time for more creative thinking time and less repetitive tasks while coding. Additionally, it is a friendly chatbot that also aids in brainstorming creative projects and explaining code snippets in understandable language. What sets Replit Ghostwriter apart is its ability to learn and adapt to offering coding solutions tailored to your needs.

Key Features

  • With support for 16 programming languages, it’s a versatile AI coding assistant for developers across various coding domains.
  • This ghostwriter chatbot ensures swift responses with an average time of just 500 milliseconds. By doing so, it can prevent frustration among developers due to slow speeds.
  • With Replit, identifying and resolving code errors is effortless. Simply click the “Run” button, and the AI will highlight mistakes in your code. Afterward, you can utilize the “Debug with AI” feature to fix these errors quickly.

Pricing Plans

  • Hacker: $7 per month
  • Pro: $20 per month

7. Enzyme

ai coding tools - enzyme

Enzyme is an excellent AI coding assistant that redefines front-end web development with multiple over-the-top features. It can transform raw design files from platforms like Figma or Adobe XD into functional smart contracts. Moreover, this AI tool brings together brands, agencies, and developers to explore and create innovative Web3 projects. With all these features, Enzyme stands as an innovative solution for modern web development.

Key Features

  • Whether you want to develop an NFT collection or ticket sales, Enzyme can cater to your every blockchain web development needs. Furthermore, it has the potential to customize and publish sales pages for all such smart contracts.
  • You can even import any external public smart contract to manage them with the help of this AI coding assistance tool.
  • Enzyme provides 24/7 Discord support to its users for smooth web development workflow. Moreover, you can reach out to its team anytime to find a solution to your coding problems.

Pricing Plans

  • Fish: $58 per month
  • Shark: $108 per month

8. CodeWP

ai coding assistant codewp

CodeWP gives you access to cloud-based AI that writes code to simplify WordPress development for all levels of expertise. Whether you’re creating custom post types or enhancing core functions in your favorite WordPress products, this AI coding assistant has everything to help you. Additionally, this tool can take advantage of extensive training on WordPress code to ensure high accuracy. All these features make it a trusty companion for WordPress coding.

Key Features

  • Developers can use this AI tool to generate codes for WordPress websites and other famous plugins, including WooCommerce and ACF.
  • CodeWP now supports over 11 languages for your prompts and allows you to share code snippets across various platforms easily.
  • This efficient AI coding assistant offers over 12 modes for code generation to provide flexibility and convenience to developers.

Pricing Plans

  • Pro: $12 per month
  • Agency: $36 per month

9. GitHub Copilot

ai for coding - github copilot

GitHub Copilot is a dynamic tool that offers live code recommendations, from complete lines to code segments, as developers write their code. It’s a collaboration between GitHub and OpenAI, helping developers optimize code suggestions to match the project’s context and style. Other than that, users can quickly review code snippets and decide whether to use, reject, or customize them with this excellent AI coding assistant.

Key Features

  • Its comprehensive training in public code repositories enables it to grasp various programming languages and methods. Moreover, the thing about GitHub Copilot is its capacity to adjust to each developer’s individual coding style.
  • GitHub Copilot effortlessly combines with several code text editors, including JetBrains IDEs and Visual Studio Code. In addition to that, it functions with remarkable speed, enabling real-time usage as you type your code.
  • Users can also use this AI copilot to auto-generate code for tasks like fetching tweets and creating scatterplots. Moreover, this AI for coding can produce code for functions such as Goodreads rating with a simple command.

Pricing Plans

  • Individuals: $10/user per month
  • Business: $19/user per month

10. AIHelperBot

ai that writes code - alhelperbot

AIHelperBot can serve as your preferred SQL query generator powered with the help of its AI-powered system. This AI coding assistant can also help you explain and optimize complex SQL queries to ensure high-quality results. Moreover, you can buy the “Team Subscription” plan to smoothen the collaboration among teams of all sizes.

Key Features

  • It supports a wide range of databases, allowing users to work on their SQL projects without limitations. These databases include MySQL, SQLite, BigQuery, and GraphQL.
  • You can even make use of its data dashboards to visualize your data in an interactive manner.
  • AIHelperBot also contains an in-built code editor to further facilitate the developer. Anyone can edit their AI-generated SQL code with the help of this VS Code editor.

Pricing Plans

  • Pro: $2.99 per month


As discussed throughout the article, AI coding assistants have revolutionized the way programmers go about their coding tasks. Even beginners can write basic codes for their websites with the assistance of these AI tools. Moreover, most of the tools mentioned in this article are good enough to streamline your coding workflow with their multi-dimensional features.

However, if you are searching for an AI for coding to aid in the documentation process, Docuo is the best tool for your requirements. So, without wasting any time try it out, and join this platform to ease the way in which you generate product guides and documentation.

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