The field of technology is continuously making progress to help human automate their routine work. AI has also evolved to assist humans with their daily tasks, reducing errors and, therefore, saving us time and resources. Moreover, you can use different AI tools to generate content, art, and even code. All in all, that is why we have gathered a list of AI tools for you to explore in the following article.

What are AI Tools?

AI tools are software applications that use machine learning to teach itself how to perform a specific task. Subsequently, these tasks can range from generating content, analyzing data, or managing your platform. Moreover, these AI tools can easily automate complex forms of processes into simple data. Therefore, this enhances the overall decision-making and workflow with more efficiency and productivity.

Furthermore, with every advancement in artificial intelligence, AI tools also grow in functionality. These new features of AI software can help users generate unique and outstanding work on an industrial scale. Besides, it can include generating a video, illustrating art, game development, performance reviews, and many more. In addition to that, these tools can be beneficial in healthcare, finance, businesses, and gaming industries.

Benefits of Using AI Software to Boost Productivity

There are numerous benefits of using AI tools, regardless of the fact that you are using them for personal means or business purposes. You can agree on the fact that artificial intelligence makes our life easy and enhance productivity value. Following are some of the infinite ways these AI tools can impact your daily workflow:

  • Detecting Errors: The AI software is programmed to detect any minor or major errors that can disturb your workflow. Therefore, users can use these tools to scan files and documents for any type of error or harmful malfunction.
  • Communication Services: The best AI tools use natural language processing (NLP) to clearly convey the context you are searching for. They can also automate their task in various languages, which in turn increases the productivity of the employees.
  • Content Generation: Marketing industries can showcase their brand in a unique way by generating eye-catching content with AI tools. They can generate blogs, social media posts, marketing copy, and prototypes for your products.
  • Analyzing Data: These AI-powered tools analyze large amounts of data and research to help businesses predict the outcome of their brand. Furthermore, these tools can discover other marketing trends and customer behavior by using a rule-based system.

10 Top Best AI Tools and Software in 2024

Now that you know about the benefits of the best AI tools, go over this list to choose the one for your needs. All these tools have different functionalities, so you can use any of these tools to do some specific tasks in your daily routine work:

1. Docuo

ai tools - docuo

Docuo is an excellent AI tool that empowers the development team to transform their code into award-winning documents with ease. This tool is equipped to help you create documentation that addresses all your needs and provides solutions. Moreover, Docuo Copilot automates content writing so that your developers can keep their focus on coding.

Furthermore, Docuo uses AI writing assistant features to help you generate eye-catching content online. You can easily generate a directory by submitting your code to the tool that, in turn, transforms it into an article. Moreover, you can improve your writing skills with the “Code with AI” feature that refines your content. In addition to that, publish your work online for others to read within less time.


  • Docuo has an easy-to-use editor that simplifies content creation by embedding images, videos, code, and many more. You can also customize and rearrange your content seamlessly by using the editor’s versatile options.
  • Easily share and collaborate with your developers or team members to get their feedback and ideas. This platform also empowers your team to work together to create high-quality content.
  • This AI tool keeps all your company’s content and knowledge organized and centralized with effortless control. It also tracks down changes and maintains history for a seamless workflow.
  • It is much easier to publish your content with its pre-made themes and customization options. This tool also handles responses, optimization, and SEO automatically.
  • The AI-assisted writing can help your team focus on creating unique content by submitting a code to the AI. It effortlessly translates your code to produce vivid descriptions of the product within less time.


  • This AI documentation creator tool is not available as an offline tool.


  • Free

2. Feedeo

ai software feedeo

Feedeo is an amazing AI tool that helps businesses create and publish interactive videos. In five simple steps, you can unleash your creativity and make dynamic video content to engage your audience effectively. Moreover, users can use its AI avatar service and get unlimited projects, publish times, and responses.

Also, you can easily share your videos with a link, frame, or bubble widget, making it a versatile tool for your marketing needs. Additionally, Feedeo can improve online learning by boosting student engagement, comprehension, and accessibility through interactive lessons and video quizzes.


  • Enhance marketing effectiveness with face-to-face-like videos featuring digital avatars, boosting conversion rates, generating more leads, and creating engaging conversations.
  • Consequently, this tool can streamline conversations with video funnels and AI-driven video chatbots and enhance multimedia messaging and video forms.
  • Feedeo reduces the bounce rate of website visitors by three times, helping you retain more of your audience and gamify your engagement with them.


  • Limited advanced video customization options may restrict some user’s specific needs.


  • Starter Plan: $19.99/month
  • Premium Plan: $399/month

3. Oxolo

best ai tools - oxolo

Oxolo is one of the best AI tools for video-making content that uses studio solutions to refine your videos. It offers video producers a seamless blend of customization and 100% control over your videos.

Moreover, you can also access a diverse collection of AI actors that can produce stunning videos to meet customer needs. Furthermore, this tool increases your sales pitch, views, and performance on all marketing platforms.


  • Oxolo has an extensive collection of AI actors and voiceovers that you can choose to add to your videos.
  • It uses a statistical overview to help you gain insight into how your videos are performing throughout the platforms.
  • This AI tool has an intuitive video editor that can help users adjust their script, choose actors and music, and add images with ease.


  • This tool has limited optimization options as compared to other video editing software.


  • Basic Plan: $59.99 for 55 credits/month
  • Business Plan: $499 for 600 credits/month


free ai tools lovo

LOVO is a realistic AI voice generator that helps create compelling videos for the marketing, education, and gaming industries. It uses an advanced AI feature named Genny, which provides us with an unparalleled voiceover experience.

Moreover, users can also access a vast library of over 500+ human-like voices in 100 languages with varying emotions. Furthermore, the AI software’s technology is designed to streamline content creation so you can deliver a stunning video to your audience.


  • Genny can provide you with scripts, images, voice actors, and many more for you to make intriguing videos online.
  • It has an instant voice cloning feature that is able to clone your voice within 10 seconds to give it a unique edge to it.
  • The text-to-speech feature is hyper-realistic and very adaptable, which makes it very beneficial in multiple applications.


  • LOVO faces some rendering issues whenever you upload a big file to this tool, and it takes even more time to load the video.


  • Basic Plan: $25/month
  • Pro Plan: $48/user/month
  • Pro+ Plan: $149/user/month

5. Loudly

ai tools - loudly

Loudly is an excellent AI music generator that assists you in inserting any music into your videos, podcasts, and social media channels. This AI tool provides you with various genres, ranging from cinematic to hip-hop, as a perfect music solution.

It can also help generate music for music artists, video artists, advertisers, and filmmakers. Moreover, you can generate complex musical compositions and thus increase your creativity level with this tool.


  • Loudly’s AI music assistant feature lets you input your command and delivers unique AI music that is fun and interactive.
  • This AI tool comes with a pool of 200,000+ sounds that are expertly crafted by professionals in high-grade studio environments.
  • Its music is royalty-free and licensed so that you can share your track safely on any social media platform, channel, or podcast.


  • Loudly does not provide a variety of personalization options as compared to other music-generating tools.


  • Personal Plan: $19.99/month
  • Pro Plan: $39.99/month

6. Copysmith

list of ai tools - copysmith

Copysmith is a powerful AI tool that can assist e-commerce businesses in generating high-quality SEO-optimized content. This tool also manages your content all in one place where you can write and SEO optimize your product’s description. Moreover, you can gain an advantage of SERP analysis to score your product against SEO best practices instantly.

This AI writing tool can also help you create Google Ads and other types of ads by specifying the product and target audience. In addition, it lets you preview how your ad will look like


  • Copysmith can constantly update its features, which makes it very effective and reliable for users.
  • The interface is very user-friendly and easy to navigate through with a natural language. This helps speed up your writing experience.
  • It is equipped with a GPT, which allows you to yield human-like content that aids you in producing vivid descriptions of your brand.


  • Copysmith has a very poor writing quality as compared to other AI tools online, and the sentences do not make sense sometimes.


  • Contact Sales Team

7. Logopony

top ai tools - logopony

Logopony is a brilliant AI software that helps you make beautiful and gorgeous custom logos with an AI logo generator. Companies can create their professional logo with various custom designs for their brand card and social media within a few clicks.

Moreover, you can instantly receive 30+ logo files that you can use on the web, business cards, and social media. Furthermore, after finalizing your logo, designers can download it in various color schemes.


  • Logopony has a user-friendly interface and fully editable logo designs and templates.
  • Whenever you download your logo, it comes with a complete branding package that can be used on cards, bags, t-shirts, cups, and many more.
  • This AI tool whips out 1000s of custom logo templates and designs to create your unique brand style.


  • Logopony does not provide you with vast customization options like fonts, colors, and more.


  • Basic Plan: $20 (one-time payment)
  • Premium Plan: $60 for (one-time payment)

8. Deepbrain

best ai software - deepbrain

Deepbrain is one of the best AI video-generating tools that help you create videos within 5 minutes. You can use this AI tool to create training videos to connect with your audience using their hyper-realistic AI avatars.

Moreover, it has a diverse range of licensed AI avatars in multiple languages for a global connection. Also, it provides users with pre-built video templates for various topics that you can further customize with its AI editor.


  • Deepbrain has over 100 licensed avatars with more than 80+ languages to make your videos global.
  • It provides you with a ready-to-listen AI metahuman chatbot that answers your every problem.
  • The editor of this AI tool is easy to use, as you can add images, videos, and soundtracks to your background.


  • Deepbrain does not have any collaboration option, which is necessary if you are working in a team.


  • Starter Plan: $30/month for 10 minutes
  • Pro Plan: $225/month for 90 minutes

9. Fotor

ai tools - fotor

Fotor is a free AI image-generating tool that transforms your text into high-resolution images, saving you a lot of time. You can now generate images like cartoons, mockups, anime characters, and many more from text with great precision. Additionally, it also offers concept art, oil painting, 3D, and realistic image styles for personalized image creation.

Notably, being an online photo editor, the integration with AI makes it exceptionally easy for users to customize their photo designs. Generate the finest ideas using this AI software and perform a variety of customizations, such as removing blur or enhancing colors.


  • Fotor provides the best AI-generating images, including AI painting, drawings, and illustrations, turning your imagination entirely into something else.
  • It provides various editing options, such as customizing your images with AI upscales, enhancing them, remixing, adding effects, and many more.
  • This AI tool imports files in JPG, PNG, and PDF format so that you can share your generated images on social media.


  • There are some technical difficulties in the system, like the site freezing, that can cause loss of precious work.


  • Fotor Pro: $8.99/month
  • Fotor Pro+: $19.99/month


ai software is a creative AI tool that can generate ready-to-post content ten times faster in just a few clicks. You can now generate your memes with the AI meme generator that provides you with the best meme templates for amusing content.

Moreover, you can receive endless ideas for creating engaging social media posts and never hit writer’s block. It can also help you generate high-quality videos for you to interact directly with your audience on Instagram and TikTok.


  • contains a social media AI assistant that helps you generate quality outlines like posts and copy for social media.
  • You can manage your social media copies, calendars, and posts within the same tool.
  • This AI tool turns your designs or templates into a social media post with one click, and you can save it for further use as well.


  • does not have an auto-posting feature, and you have to upload your schedule manually on other platforms.


  • Solo Plan: $29/month for 1 Brand
  • Starter Plan: $59/month for 2 Brands
  • Agency Plan: $139/month for 5 Brands


As we move forward to the year 2024, these AI tools and software will keep on evolving with even more innovative technologies. In this article, we learned about the benefits of AI tools and how they have revolutionized the decision-making process, data analysis, and generating content. Moreover, these tools empower developers, businesses, and artists to utilize their features to increase productivity.

Keeping all that in mind, Docuo is considered one of the best AI tools that assist in simplifying your writing with its code with AI features. You can also manage your documentation and seamlessly collaborate with your team members. Therefore, sign up for Docuo today for a high-tech AI experience with its abundance of resources.

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