If you’ve ever been frustrated searching for specific information in a mountain of paperwork, you’ll understand the need for document automation software. Manual document management is time-consuming and inefficient. Document automation tools, using various templates and AI, can automate this process in seconds. In this guide, we’ll highlight the top 10 document automation software options that can streamline your document management, saving you time and hassle.

What is Document Automation Software?

Document automation is the process of using technology to gather information and create documents without manual effort. This typically begins with a basic document template. From there, you incorporate conditional logic and pull data from a designated source. This source might be integrated with the tools you’re using or could originate from a form specifically designed for document automation.

Now that we’ve defined document automation, let’s delve into document automation software. This type of software is an invaluable tool that simplifies the creation and management of documents. It leverages smart technology to swiftly generate, edit, modify, and organize documents, streamlining the entire process.

However, selecting the appropriate document automation software can be challenging, despite the straightforward nature of the concept. This complexity arises because each tool is tailored to different customer needs. Some are geared towards large companies with numerous users, while others are more suitable for small businesses with a limited user base.

How to Choose a Document Automation Software?

You might feel overwhelmed while selecting the best document automation software. The quality varies although there are many options. But if you know what features to look for can make a difference. Consider the below-provided key features for choosing a document generation software:

  • Ease of Use: Search for a tool with a user-friendly interface. This will make your work easier and faster even if you’re not a pro.
  • Security: The software should have safe security measures. You’ll be dealing with various sensitive information. But if the software isn’t secure, it will cause you difficulty while working.
  • Customization: Ensure that the document generation software lets you customize document templates to fulfill your needs.
  • Integration: The document automation tool should be able to work with other apps too. So check if the software supports integration with different tools.
  • AI Capabilities: Choose software that uses AI technology to reduce mistakes and become more efficient.

10 Best Document Automation Software

Discover the top 10 document automation software options in this concise guide. Each offers unique advantages and features, and we’re here to help you find the perfect match for your needs. Dive in to transform your document handling process!

1. Docuo

document automation software - docuo

Document automation might initially seem complex, but it’s surprisingly straightforward with the right software. Enter Docuo, the premier choice for document automation that leverages AI to handle a variety of document types. This tool revolutionizes document creation, offering quick, AI-assisted processes that streamline your workflow. It’s not just about creating documents; Docuo provides a single, centralized platform for all your document needs, simplifying management and access.

But Docuo’s capabilities extend far beyond just creation and storage. It enables seamless collaboration between developers and technical writers, ensuring smooth communication and efficiency. The software excels in publishing, maintaining histories, and tracking changes, making document management a hassle-free experience.

Additionally, its responsiveness and SEO-friendly features make it an excellent tool for businesses aiming to enhance their online presence and profitability. In short, Docuo is more than just a document automation software; it’s a comprehensive solution for efficient, effective document management.


  • Make your work hassle-free by using built-in templates and themes.
  • Tracks even if a slight change occurs in the document.
  • Keep your documents protected by ensuring safety.
  • Helps you to add photos, videos, codes, and so on while creating documents.
  • Users can make one document and keep all of their products there.


  • Free Plan
  • Pro Plan: USD$109 per year
  • Enterprise Plan: Contact the sales team

2. PandaDoc

document generation software - pandadoc

PandaDoc is a legal document automation software that makes sales easier by automating documents. You can create special offers, agreements, and price estimates with its unique themes. It provides you with a simple editor to drag things like words, pictures, videos, and tables to make templates. Also, you can use ready-made templates.

This document automation software gives you feedback by keeping track of how others interact with your documents. Plus, it lets you decide who does what in the document, and people can leave comments. However, this tool might not be the best for small businesses as the fancier features are only provided in the expensive plans.


  • You can create documents easily with a drag-and-drop interface.
  • Many CRM systems are supported for integration.
  • Analytics gives us information to help you understand how well your documents are doing.


  • Free Plan
  • Essentials Plan: USD$19 per month
  • Business Plan: USD$49 per month
  • Enterprise Plan: Contact the sales team

3. Conga Composer

document generation tools - conga composer

Conga Composer is one of the well-known document generation tools that helps you create documents without any hassle. By using this tool, sales teams can link their documents with Salesforce info. It creates good-looking documents by taking information from Salesforce. You can easily make documents, proposals, invoices, and presentations directly in Salesforce.

Conga allows you to start from scratch or modify their ready-made templates. Again, it provides you with other document tools and makes the whole process faster. You can handle workflows, groups, signs, and documents all in one single platform.


  • Salesforce is supported to operate directly.
  • You can maintain brand consistency.
  • Different delivery options are supported including email and cloud storage.


  • Contact for pricing plans.

4. Formstack

best document automation software - formstack

Another document generator software is Formstack. You can easily automate and organize your financial and accounting documents with Formstack. This tool helps you manage paperwork more efficiently. To automate things, you can use ready-made templates or upload your Word or PDF files. Advanced features such as conditional logic are also provided.

You can manage everything in one place with Formstack such as processing payments, pulling data from CRMs, doing calculations, adding e-signatures, and directing data. This software supports different tools like Stripe, SalesForse, Google Suite, AirTable, DocuSign, and HubSpot. In addition, Formstack encrypts sensitive information and follows rules like GDPR to keep your documents safe.


  • Offers compliance and data security features to keep your sensitive information safe.
  • You can integrate with different third-party applications like SalesForce, DocuSign, AirTable, etc.
  • Provides you with ready-made templates and makes it easy to create documents.


  • Suite Plan: USD$66 per month
  • Enterprise Plan: Contact their sales team.

5. Gavel

document generator software - gavel

Gavel is one of the best legal document automation software for making legal documents. This tool was previously known as Documate and was specially designed for law firms. Its document automation process is referred to as “apps” and they can be used anywhere to help law firms make more profit. You can get paid for legal documents since it has special features like a client portal and connections to payment tools. In addition to that, Gavel has all the basic features you’d expect from legal document automation software.

You can show forms to visitors, gather information, and use them to create legal documents with Gavel. Also, it has a smart feature called conditional logic. This software is great to explore if making money from the document is crucial to you.


  • Supports different document automation features such as complex branching, conditional logic, etc.
  • Provides guided portals and interviews to access and manage information.
  • Helps you to integrate with Zapier and Clio.


  • Free Plan: 7-day free trial
  • Lite Plan: USD$83 per month
  • Standard Plan: USD$165 per month
  • Pro Plan: USD$290 per month.

6. Templafy

document automation software - templafy

Templafy is a document generation software for big companies who want to control and update their content in one place. This product makes it easy for companies to handle and share consistent brand materials. Employees can use templates to create quotes, proposals, reports, and other documents more smoothly. Plus, managers can control and oversee access.

Templafy can make documents easy to share for e-signatures by checking them and looking for updates. Teams can make necessary changes as the tool offers insights on document performance and engagement. But remember that Templafy might be expensive for smaller businesses and requires at least 50 users.


  • Allow users to customize their works.
  • Supports sharing brand materials within big organizations with proper permission.
  • Offers an easy-to-use interface for seeing results and making decisions.


  • Contact the sales team.

7. Crove

document generation software - crove

Crove is a document automation software for lawyers that helps them create documents easily. By using templates and your information, you can make various types of documents. This tool not only creates documents but also provides you e-signature feature.

You can use this software for all kinds of businesses such as real estate agencies, law firms, HR departments, etc. Crove saves you time and ensures that the documents remain the same. Moreover, it lets you automate different kinds of documents like quotes, proposals, contracts, purchase orders, and quotes.


  • Provides you with e-signature capabilities to sign documents online.
  • Helps you to create forms with conditional logic.
  • There is no limitation on documents, templates, and the number of fields you can try.


  • Personal Plan: USD$24 per month
  • Business Plan: USD$49 per month
  • Enterprise Plan: Contact the sales team

8. airSlate

document generation tools - airslate

Now, let’s talk about airSlate. airSlate is a document automation software that makes it easy to create and manage documents. Using its document generation feature, you can create custom templates or documents. This software lets you negotiate changes right in the document, such as track changes features, and get approval before signing. You can take information from CRM and other apps and send these documents to clients for negotiation.

Some users say it takes a bit of time to learn even though the tool has many helpful features like e-signatures, advanced calculations, etc. The library of ‘bots’ can automate tasks after you’ve made your documents. airSlate can make custom bots if you need to automate something that’s not already set up.


  • Helps you to automate complicated tasks using a library of ‘bots’.
  • Supports different types of features including advanced calculations, e-signature capabilities, conditional logic, etc.
  • Provides many native integration options for you.


  • Starter Plan: USD$19 per month
  • Growth Plan: USD$79 per month
  • Enterprise Plan: USD$399 per month
  • Automation Suite: USD$799 per month

9. HotDocs

best document automation software - hotdocs

HotDocs is a well-known legal document automation software that helps people create documents automatically. This software is used in different industries, especially in the law firms. HotDocs provides many helpful features for lawyers dealing with legal paperwork. By using this, you can create many documents at once. HotDocs can make decisions based on conditions and handle a list of information.

Additionally, it can fill in templates by using a dynamic questionnaire. However, you might need coding skills and knowledge about how HotDocs works to use some of these features. Also, there might be an extra cost if you use customer support to get help. HotDocs supports working with other law firm software for handling finances, customer relations, and keeping track of time.


  • Allows you to create different types of documents from easy to difficult.
  • Supports integration with law firm software such as timekeeping, CRM, etc.
  • You can convert existing documents into different templates.


  • Contact them for the price plans.

10. Docupilot

document generator software - docupilot

Docupilot is a cloud-based document generation software that helps create documents quickly. You can use its built-in templates and adding information feature to create documents. Plus, you can make your template using the program’s tool or Microsoft Word. This software works automatically and ensures that documents don’t have any mistakes.

By doing this, it will save you precious time. Also, you can protect the documents with a password. Docupilot can be used for multiple types of documents such as contracts, invoices, proposals, orders, etc. This tool can gather information from online sources like CRM databases. Furthermore, it can connect with other tools like Zapier and APIs.


  • You can automatically make documents from different templates.
  • Supports integration with more than 1000+ apps.
  • Businesses can use their branding in documents.


  • Starter Plan: USD$29 per month
  • Plus Plan: USD$99 per month
  • Pro Plan: USD$149 per month
  • Premium Plan: USD$199 per month
  • Business Plan: USD$399 per month

Final word

Choosing the ideal document automation software is crucial for achieving efficiency and simplicity in your workflow. Among the top 10 contenders we’ve explored, Docuo distinguishes itself with its intelligent technology, effortless collaboration capabilities, and well-structured system.

It emerges as a particularly attractive option for businesses in pursuit of efficient document automation. With a generous 14-day free trial and competitively priced plans, Docuo is accessible to companies of various sizes. The combination of its robust features and affordability positions Docuo as a standout choice for anyone aiming to optimize their document management practices.

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