You have noticed that whenever a customer tries to contact customer services, they are met with frustration and anger. These users face challenges such as being unable to find relevant information and having trouble navigating through the system. Therefore, companies should consider starting a help center where customers can access comprehensive self-service with reliable sources and information. In this article, we will help you build a help center with real-time examples.

What is a Help Center?

A help center is an online self-serving hub where customers can access all the answers to their questions. This also includes finding answers to troubleshooting problems and whatever query they have about a product or service. Moreover, a help center includes FAQs, relevant articles, blogs, forums, and knowledge bases. To build a help center, businesses should provide relevant sources of information and blogs.

Furthermore, a help center panel should have contact information and feedback forums in case customers face any difficulties. Therefore, having a help center for your product can improve your overall customer experience and satisfaction. Additionally, with the help of all these features, businesses can create a help center that is quick, reliable, and helps solve customer’s issues.

Why We Need a Help Center

In today’s modern world, we are inclined to find answers instead of waiting for an answer. It is because it takes too much time, and that is why customers prefer to solve their issues by themselves. Therefore, business developers should start a help center to help customers find solutions within minutes. Let’s have a better look at why there is a need for a help center in the following:

  • One Centralized Point of Contact: A help center provides a centralized hub where customers can access any information relating to their queries. This saves users time and also eliminates the need to search from various places for answers.
  • Self-Serving Option: Those companies that create a help center can provide an independent self-serving option to customers. These options include tutorials, FAQs, troubleshooting guides and manuals, video and image tutorials.
  • Relevant Source of Information: It can be frustrating for customers to wait hours to get their answers. Therefore, help centers ensure their users get a consistent flow of updated information on their problems. This ensures an increase in business growth while providing relevant information.
  • Better User Experience: When a help center is well-structured and provides intuitive navigation for customers, it automatically improves user experience. Moreover, providing users with easy-to-understand documentation, guidelines, and relevant knowledge increases user satisfaction, too.
  • 24/7 Accessibility: Your customers will keep on coming back to your site if you provide them with 24/7 accessibility to your help centers. This allows them to seek information at any time of the day, no matter the time zone. Moreover, it also ensures positive feedback and satisfaction.

Top 5 Elements of Help Center

As we understand, a help center is vital in providing customers with self-serving support. Therefore, let’s delve into some of the key elements that make a help center effective and thus enhance your customer support experience.

1. Knowledge Base

A good foundation for any help center is having a well-structured knowledge base for customers to look for relevant articles. It should include many articles, tutorials, guides, FAQs, and troubleshooting solutions that help users at every step. Moreover, the knowledge base promotes user independence without wasting their time with direct assistance.

2. Easy Navigation

When business companies start a help center, they need to make sure that users can easily navigate through the system. Moreover, having a well-structured help center also requires a well-thought-out navigation structure. It should include proper categories, menus, subcategories, and options to help your customer easily locate relevant information.

3. Effective Search Function

An effective help center has a quick search function that helps customers find relevant information within a few seconds. It should also provide accurate search findings based on keywords and offer a filter system that refines your results. Therefore, this helps users to locate relevant sources of information with different articles and blogs. Additionally, a help center should be algorithmically set to suggest users with answers.

4. Feedback Option

It is always a better option to include a feedback option when you build a help center. It can be a place where customers can leave their suggestions and questions. This can include a rating, a comment section, issues reporting, and a suggestion box. Additionally, having a feedback mechanism can offer communal interaction and collaboration among customers.

5. Diversity in Content

The number of people who visit your help center for answers has different understanding styles. Therefore, it is recommended to have diversity in your content, such as including multimedia elements. This can include videos, visual cues, screenshots, interactive tutorials, and informative charts. It can improve the overall interaction and engagement of customers with your help centers.

Top 5 Examples of Best Help Centers

Your help center should have a well-structured format with a valuable source of information that provides users with full support. Therefore, in this article, we will explore the top five examples of help centers with their unique features and effective solution methods:

1. Dell

build a help center like dell

Dell is considered one of the top examples of how to create a help center, as it stands out as a user-friendly center. It offers a collection of knowledge bases with detailed articles, troubleshooting guides, videos, and tutorials. Moreover, the help center of Dell provides real-time chat support that makes it very convenient for users. Furthermore, you can submit your queries and suggestions in the “Ask a Question” section.

2. Samsung

best help center -samsung

Samsung provides users with the best help centers where customers can access relevant information. You can access their help center using any device like smartphones, tablets, etc. Moreover, their search engine provides relevant information according to user-specific inquiries. Furthermore, it also offers a live agent for assistance if you are unable to reach their search for answers.

3. Upwork

start a help ceter example like upwork

If you have questions on freelancing, then the Upwork help center can cater to all your questions with proper knowledge. It provides you with detailed guidance and information on topics like hiring, management plans, and freelancing. The platform has organized the knowledge base in a diverse range of categories, allowing freelancers and clients to find relevant information.

4. Google

how to design help center with google

Google is one of the top examples of how to build a help center, as it delivers valuable support to users. Moreover, their smart center design is tailored to help you find reliable information. Additionally, it is equipped with a powerful search feature that enables you to find any information with relevant keywords. Furthermore, users can easily navigate the system using their step-by-step tutorials, videos, and manuals.

5. Fiverr

help center example - fiverr

Fiverr provides buyers with comprehensive support that can assist them in various domains. You can get different information and tools to navigate and address your common issues. Moreover, it provides them with relevant information on how to set up their profile, make purchases, and get services. It also provides additional sources of guidance on how to create small gigs and make profiles more attractive.

How to Create a Help Center in 5 Steps

Now that we have understood how a help center supports your customers with answers. It is a more critical process of creating a help center and requires time and effort. Therefore, let us look at the step-by-step guide on how to design a help center with accuracy and efficiency:

Step 1: Choose a Help Center Software

The very first step of creating a help center is to choose software that has all the necessary tools. For this purpose, Docuo can be an excellent software that can help you create an interactive help center. Moreover, it can help you quickly create knowledge bases that aid customer’s issues. Additionally, its hassle-free document management feature tracks down any changes and updates the content.

docuo build a help center

Step 2: Create Articles From Common Questions

Once you create a help center software, create valuable knowledge resources for your customers. Your company’s main goal is to reduce the number of support queries received in a day. Therefore, your job is to scan through your support inbox and look for the top 6 to 10 questions you receive from customers. After that, your team should publish detailed answers to questions in the knowledge base articles.

Step 3: Keep Your Help Center Organized With Categories

The next step should be making top-level categories that resonate with your customer’s issues. It is essential to categorize your product and services according to the issues faced by customers. Moreover, the more you group your categories into different guides and articles, the easier it is for customers to navigate them.

Step 4: Track Your Performance

When you have created the help center, it is essential to track down its performance. As a manager, you should monitor which guides get more reviews and positive feedback. Moreover, these insights can help you look for problems and what needs to be fixed. Furthermore, sharing these insights with your team can also resolve issues and help improve them, letting your business grow.

Step 5: Update Your Help Centre Knowledge Base

As your business grows, your teams should keep their help center updated with the knowledge base of every new product or feature. They can write new articles or a step-by-step guide on how to use a certain feature or product. Moreover, whenever publishing a new product announcement, you can add various links and emails to let your customer stay updated when they are to be released.


To conclude the article, we have explored what is a help center and why there is a need for them in start-up companies. Moreover, we looked at the top examples of help centers in 2024 that have their unique features and tools. The most important part we discussed is how to design a help center to improve your customer support experience.

Docuo is one the best tools available in the market that can help you create a help center, providing users with a knowledge base for assistance. Moreover, it is a powerful documentation tool that consolidates tasks with efficiency. Sign up with its AI-integrated system to empower your team to work as one and publish high-quality docs for your customers.

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