Most businesses use digital technology which makes the tech industry grow faster than ever. With 48% of businesses storing important data in the cloud document management system, many organizations are moving their operations online. This growth means that businesses are turning more of their documents into digital formats. Some businesses have found it challenging to keep digital documents organized though cloud-based documentation offers security and flexibility.

That’s where cloud document management systems (DMS) come in. This system helps all documents such as legal ones get the consistency, transparency, and structure required for organizations to run smoothly. In this article, we’ll introduce the 10 best cloud based document management systems in 2024.

What is a Cloud Document Management System?

Cloud Document Management System is an online tool for storing and organizing data. It allows people worldwide to open and work on files such as CAD drawings. This software helps teams to collaborate. They can view and edit files from any device no matter where they are. It offers all the capabilities and functionality of an engineering document management system. You don’t need a VPN to reach your files from any location. The main advantages of a document management system cloud-based are:

  • Better security
  • Access files anytime and anywhere
  • Pay only for the user access you need
  • Quick setup process

Benefits of a Cloud Document Management System

Cloud computing allows companies to access their files from different places. This will save them money and bring quick returns for companies. Also, they don’t have to handle their IT setup. Using a Cloud system for managing documents and engineering workflows has many advantages.

Here are the benefits of a Cloud Document Management System:

1. Mobile Accessibility

People often work from many places. So, it is crucial to use phones and other devices to get work done. These can be done in 2 ways: On-premise system and Cloud-based system. The on-premise system might need a VPN to share files and documents. But, you can use the Cloud-based system from any device with internet.

It is helpful to be able to work on your phone. Especially when the clients and others might not have the same software as you. Suppose, you have files like CAD drawings. But if the clients don’t have the exact tool, it will be hard for them to access the files. Yet, a Cloud system allows people to work together on many devices. They only have to use a web browser without downloading extra apps.

2. Scalability

Your document management system needs to grow as your business gets bigger. The on-premise systems can handle growth. On the contrary, a Cloud system makes it easy to handle more files as your business grows. It can easily grow in terms of servers, storage space, processors, and processor speed. Because Cloud providers handle all that without the help of clients.

3. Reduced Cost

If we compare both systems, it would be better to choose a Cloud-based system. It will save you money for managing engineering documents. You don’t have to buy and maintain servers with cloud computing. The Cloud-based system uses EDMS provider’s resources such as their powerful servers. This makes it a cost-effective option with the same functions for users.

4. Powerful Security

Companies hesitated to use cloud-based document systems in the past as they were worried about security. Especially, this was concerning for sensitive data projects. But you can now access files and documents from anywhere without risking privacy. In fact, the cloud can enhance security and offer more control. With different security levels, modern cloud document systems have password login and specific user access to files. So you can manage the access of files instead of anyone else.

Top 10 Cloud-based Document Management Systems

Since digital solutions are there for daily tasks, going through rows of file cabinets is getting old. It is difficult to find the best one for your business with lots of options available. Here are the top 10 cloud based document management systems.

1. Docuo

cloud document management system - docuo

Docuo is the best cloud based document management system for managing documents. Companies can use AI and build a knowledge base with the help of Docuo. It makes the document managing process efficient and smooth. Organizations find it useful since this system keeps all documents together.

Furthermore, this product can improve document writing by making corrections. Also, phrases and sentences can be customized to match your brand message. Docuo allows you to translate documents into many languages to reach audiences worldwide. While keeping a history of the changes, your team can review and make improvements. Smooth collaboration is made between developers and team members with this integrated system.


  • You can easily use old documentation files as it automates saving.
  • Allows you to naturally add codes, pictures, and videos to your work documents.
  • Ensures only authorized personnel can view the documents.
  • Helps businesses to make one central document for all their products.
  • Supports collaborating to let you work together with your team seamlessly.


  • Free Plan
  • Pro Plan: USD$109 per year
  • Enterprise Plan: Contact their sales team

2. DocuWare

cloud based document management system - docuware

DocuWare is a cloud document management system that organizes and saves documents in the cloud. This tool offers advanced features. You can easily handle documents by replacing manual, reducing errors, and paper-based processes. It doesn’t require you to pass physical documents back and forth.

DocuWare also lets you increase productivity and profits by getting rid of inefficiencies. Especially, it is helpful for teams working from multiple locations. Moreover, this tool solves crucial organizational issues and ensures everything works well.


  • AI technology helps change content into searchable terms.
  • Import documents automatically from Microsoft Office or any other program.
  • 500 different programs are supported for connection.
  • Workflow Management helps make tasks easier by automating processes.


  • Free Plan
  • Basic Plan: USD$300 per month

3. OnlyOffice

document management system cloud based - onlyoffice

OnlyOffice is a document management system cloud-based that helps manage documents. It combines project management and CRM features to make work easier. You can edit documents together in real time and move them smoothly. OnlyOffice can be used from any location. This tool lets you keep track of multiple versions of your documents. Additionally, it is good for creating forms and meeting different organizational needs. Teams don’t have to switch between apps as this system helps them match office files with other tasks.


  • Allows you to edit documents, slides, and sheets into one place and make your work more efficient.
  • Offers tools for managing projects, sharing files, creating presentations, and chatting with teams.
  • You can save documents directly into multiple storage volumes.


  • Startup Plan: Free
  • Business Plan: USD$5 per month
  • VIP Plan: USD$8 per month

4. Revver

best cloud based document management system - revver

Another cloud document management system is Revver. Small businesses can try out this tool. It has many helpful features like sharing files, communication, approving and signing documents, etc. You can save time on repetitive tasks by using Revver. This system helps you organize all your documents with templates, folders, and access controls. Also, ensures that you easily find your documents. You can store and share sensitive data safely with Revver. Plus, it makes it easier for small businesses to automate tasks.


  • Handles documents with a simple web interface.
  • Supports multiple types of files and keeps documents organized.
  • Ensures that documents are organized by managing users, roles, and rules.


  • Contact their sales team

5. LogicalDoc

cloud document management system - logicaldoc

LogicalDoc is one of the best cloud based document management systems that help you find documents quickly. It keeps your documents organized and safe. Businesses can put all their documents in one place by using LogicalDoc. Moreover, these documents can be accessed from anywhere. You can keep track of how documents are made and used in the business. This system lets employees easily find the documents and finish tasks on time.


  • Helps you and your team to communicate from different locations.
  • Reduces the chance of non-compliance problems.
  • Supports document search, internal massaging, check-in/check-out function, email sharing, and annotations.


  • Contact their sales team

6. PandaDoc

cloud based document management system - pandadoc

PandaDoc is a document management system that lets businesses manage documents. To make business operations smoother, it combines document management, e-signing, and creation in one place. Also, this system is great for handling contracts and proposals. PandaDoc provides over 500 free templates so you can customize templates as per your desire. This tool eliminates errors by using conditional logic and variables. Further, it ensures that everyone is working on the latest version of the document.


  • Offers a drag-and-drop feature and has 500+ templates.
  • E-signature helps you to sign off on all documents from one place.
  • Gives you real-time information about the status of each document.


  • Contact their sales for pricing

7. Dokmee

document management system cloud based - dokmee

Now let’s talk about Dokmee. Dokmee is a cloud based document management system that works anywhere. You can easily manage company details and documents with this tool. It ensures effective collaboration and communication among team members. Plus, you can organize all the files, including existing and new ones in a single centralized directory. Team members can identify important files easily and save time.


  • Keeps track and records the history of documents.
  • Handle and customize workflow to fit your business requirements.
  • Helps you to manage and share files in multiple formats.


  • The pricing plan is not mentioned on the website

8. Document360

best cloud based document management system - document360

Document360 is a cloud-based document management system. You can easily create and handle manuals, stories, and other business documents. This system provides you with a simple way to store files. Also, you can easily share them with your team members. Document360 remembers all crucial things and supports the growth of your company. Lastly, it will increase productivity and save time without needing the team members.


  • Helps you to share knowledge with team members.
  • Makes project work easy to understand and progresses smoothly.
  • The customer service team provides fast and helpful replies.


  • Free Plan: 14-day free trial
  • Basic Plan: USD$149 per month

9. Alfresco

cloud document management system -alfresco

Alfresco is a useful cloud document management system that manages documents in a team. This tool can easily adjust how the team works together with its advanced features. It lets you create strategies and make the team grow steadily. You can store files in one folder with Alfresco and save time without wasting. Plus, it lets you manage, organize, and share many documents on a single platform.


  • Allows team members to create folders for organizing documents.
  • Offers various features for handling enterprise content management.
  • Can be used from any device and remote location.


  • Request a quote to get pricing plans

10. Google Drive

cloud based document management system - google system

Google Drive is a famous cloud document management system that can handle documents. Many businesses use Google Drive for their work. It shows any change to documents instantly and helps share data easily. You can handle different types of documents with this system. Google Drive allows businesses to work together in real-time and make users happy. Furthermore, this tool is good for working together on projects while being a central place for information. But Drive doesn’t have any password protection for your files.


  • Allows several people to work on the same file at the same time.
  • Helps different departments in a company to collaborate by working seamlessly with Google Workspace.
  • Use features like suggestions, read-only, or comments only to control what users can do.


  • Free Plan
  • Basic Plan: USD$6 per month

Get Started Cloud Document Management System

Among all the products, Docuo stands out as the best cloud-based document system. It makes collaboration easier for your team and organization. With its many features, teams can work together and share information. Also, users can edit documents in real-time and give feedback. Docuo keeps track of document versions. Plus, this tool prioritizes security with access controls and creates a safe space for collaboration. Docuo can be a great choice for companies looking to improve teamwork in document management. Try Docuo Now!

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