The rise of ChatGPT brought well-deserved attention to AI writing tools within the technology world. Now, almost everyone is making use of the different writing assistants available in the market. With the increased demand for these tools, many developers have started to introduce their AI-integrated writing tools. After going through this article, you will be able to identify the best AI writer for your requirements.

How Do AI Writing Tools Work?

AI writing tools undergo training on extensive datasets comprising existing written content to be able to generate content for your needs. All of this training equips them to employ machine learning algorithms for analyzing the input data to produce quality output. Moreover, these AI writing apps also learn from various writing styles and techniques to produce content fitting your requirements.

All these advanced algorithms and training methods empower them to generate content that is both unique and free from plagiarism. In addition to this, AI writers demonstrate a strong command of grammar and spelling rules. However, some sentence refinement may still be necessary for applying a human tone to the content.

Furthermore, these best AI writing assistants excel in natural language processing (NLP) for content optimization. They can easily comprehend user prompts and apply their understanding to generate relevant content. You can think of them as enthusiastic writing assistants—simply give them the prompt, and they will put full effort into optimizing your content creation.

10 Top Best AI Writing Software You Should Know

Once you have understood how these AI for writing work, it is time to analyze the best tools available in the market. After going through the list of the best AI writers, you will be able to pick the most appropriate one that fits your industry requirements.

1. Docuo

ai writing tools - docuo

Docuo stands out as one of the top AI writing tools, offering valuable assistance to developers in creating thorough documents. Moreover, it provides a highly efficient “Writing with AI” feature that facilitates writing improvement and grammatical error correction. You also can utilize this tool to summarize or expand written content for documentation purposes.

Individuals in management roles can take advantage of this AI for writing to collaborate with programming teams for extensive product documentation. Additionally, this AI tool is valuable for converting code into detailed product documentation, ultimately enhancing customer engagement. With all these features at your disposal, you can significantly reduce documentation time to create a perfect knowledge base with the support of the best AI writing assistant.


  • Users also get the option to translate documents in other languages to English with the help of this best AI writing software.
  • Docuo also provides you with the “Code with AI” feature to let you write, convert, or explain codes while preparing for the technical documentation.
  • The user-friendly document editor within this AI writing tool streamlines the writing process for the entire team of developers and copywriters.
  • You can even effortlessly integrate images, videos, and code as you create your documents on this multi-functional platform. The developers and content writers can collaborate to create documents with the help of this beneficial feature,


  • English languages support only


ai for writing - myessaywriter

MyEssayWriter is an advanced AI-integrated writing tool that is helping thousands of students perform better academically. This AI writing assistant uses an extensive database of outstanding essays and articles to craft original content finely tuned to your specific needs.

Additionally, it offers an efficient AI Essay Outliner, enabling you to effortlessly create high-quality outlines within minutes. All these features will help reduce academic stress and elevate your essay-writing experience to the next level.


  • This AI writing tool takes advantage of machine learning to continually enhance its performance. With the help of regular updates, its system keeps on getting better at understanding complex inputs.
  • Users can also make use of the “AI Paraphrasing” tool to improve the quality of the existing content of their essays.


  • Although it stands out in essay writing, exhibits limited versatility when it comes to producing other types of content.

3. ClickUp

best ai writer - clickup

ClickUp is a comprehensive AI writing generator that enhances work efficiency with its advanced algorithm. Users can make use of this writing tool to combat writer’s block and streamline the content creation process. Furthermore, it offers research-backed prompts tailored for various roles and use cases.

All of these prompts facilitate the creation of briefs, case studies, high-quality marketing copy, product descriptions, and blog content. Alternatively, you can also utilize ClickUp Automation to automate your workflow and routine tasks.


  • You can also access a vast Template Library to enable the rapid creation of workflows and project documents.
  • With over 1,000 integrations at your disposal, you can enhance, personalize, and streamline your workflows by seamlessly incorporating various other tools into ClickUp. These integrations include popular platforms like Slack, Google Drive, and numerous others.


  • Slack integration is not perfect yet, so you can face problems while collaborating with a team.

4. Wordtune

ai writing software - wordtune

Wordtune is an impressive AI writing tool that improves your writing speed by utilizing AI suggestions while preserving your unique style. Additionally, you can use the “Summarizer” function of this AI tool to extract critical insights from articles, podcasts, and even PDFs.

Moreover, you have the opportunity to enhance your existing content using the “Wordtune Rewrite” feature. Users can also craft articles from the ground up using a range of customizable writing templates provided by Wordtune.


  • This AI writing assistant will make your articles and essays error-free with its advanced features. With its in-built grammar and spelling checker, you can say goodbye to bad writing.
  • Wordtune gives you more than one rewriting suggestion, making it easier for you to choose the best one according to the context.


  • The free version of this tool only allows 10 free rewriting operations, which is pretty low when you are writing an article.

5. Writerly

best ai writing software writely

Writerly offers an intuitive platform to simplify the process of generating and collaborating on various forms of content. Whether you want to write product descriptions, job postings, ad copy, or press releases, this AI writing tool has you covered.

You can access this tool’s business cloud to get many specially designed templates for content generation. In addition, users can also effortlessly generate their customized templates with just a few clicks. All of these AI writing features will help you save valuable time and money.


  • You can also make use of the “Writerly Go” Chrome extension to take advantage of its features while browsing any website online.
  • Writerly even has the “Creator AI Chat” feature that can solve any content marketing-related problem in real-time.


  • The pricing of this AI writing software is the biggest issue for the users, as it doesn’t offer any plans for personal usage.


ai writing app - rytr

Rytr offers powerful AI writing software that generates content in multiple languages, taking just a few seconds. Also, you can get access to diverse writing styles, including assertive, casual, and humorous, to set the desired tone for your articles while using this tool.

Moreover, you can even fine-tune creativity levels to achieve fully personalized written content. Other than these AI writing features, it features a handy “Chat” function, enabling users to get real-time solutions from this AI-powered chatbot.


  • It is one of the best AI writers, supporting over 40 use cases to generate every type of content for your content marketing efforts.
  • Rytr has an additional AI image generation feature that lets the users create visual content with written articles.


  • This AI content creator lacks efficiency while creating long-form content. The lengthy articles created through this tool sound repetitive and sometimes lack sense.

7. GrowthBar

ai writing editor - growthbar

GrowthBar lets you create SEO-friendly content that Google favors with AI-powered assistance. With this AI for writing, you can plan, write, and optimize long-form blog content at a blazing speed, making your workflow 10 times more efficient.

Additionally, this AI tool thoroughly analyzes Google SERP results and generates an SEO-optimized outline for your blog or website with just a single click. Other than SEO-optimized articles, it offers a diverse range of AI writing tools, including the “Chat” feature, to boost all your marketing strategies.


  • Content marketers can generate an in-depth article from an outline within 2 minutes using this AI tool. All they need to do is organize the headings and let AI do the magic.
  • GrowthBar even allows you to collaborate with other writers, marketers, and editors to facilitate content creation.


  • The tool lacks customer support, which makes it difficult for users to resolve feature-related issues by themselves.

8. Jasper AI

best ai writing assistant -japer

Jasper is more than a simple AI writing tool, as it follows various models like GPT-4 and then adds real-time search info to optimize your content. Moreover, it is a true team player, capable of transforming a single piece of content into a comprehensive campaign within minutes.

Besides these writing features, Jaspers safeguards your data with cutting-edge security features to ensure privacy and protection. All-in-all, this AI writing assistant learns from your brand identity and applies this knowledge to create personalized content marketing strategies for you.


  • The Jasper Everywhere extension ensures that you have this AI tool with you no matter where you’re working online.
  • This best AI writer has the ability to scan your website and learn about your brand’s message to adjust to the various styles used across your brand.


  • The pricing plans are too expensive for some users just starting their careers as a content marketer.

9. Writesonic

ai writing assistant - writesonic

Writesonic is your trusted partner in maintaining a consistent brand voice across all content forms. With advanced algorithms, it empowers you to not only analyze but also outperform competitor content. Additionally, users can make use of the “Knowledge Graph” feature to integrate company data into the AI-generated content.

Other than that, this AI writing tool contains the “Chatsonic” feature to generate innovative content ideas. Users can also take advantage of its built-in keyword optimization feature to secure higher Google search page rankings.


  • It has an extensive prompt library containing over 1000 commands to train the “Chatsonic” tool of this AI writer.
  • The AI system of this tool integrates with Google to access the most current data, guaranteeing the accuracy of the content it generates.


  • You may need to edit the AI-generated content to avoid tone and repetition issues.

10. Frase

ai writing tools - frase

Frase provides one of the quickest and most effortless ways to generate content that climbs the Google rankings. This AI content marketing tool simplifies SERP research by efficiently analyzing and then summarizing content from the top search results.

In addition to these AI-powered SEO copywriting capabilities, this tool can create outlines in minutes rather than hours. After generating an optimized outline, its AI Writer generates SEO-optimized content inspired by the search results for your chosen query, helping you rank better on SERP.


  • Users can even identify keywords they should add to their content using the help of this multi-purpose content marketing tool.
  • Frase lets you share editable links to your AI-generated content for better team collaboration. By doing so, you can work together with different writers without purchasing separate plans for them.


  • You may require a little learning curve to get used to this AI writing tool.


After going through this article, you must have learned a lot about the functionality of these AI writing tools. No matter what type of content you want to generate for your content marketing efforts, these AI writing assistants will do a good enough job for you.

However, if you are looking to optimize your product documentation process, Docuo is the best AI writer for your needs. With its ability to generate codes and integrate them for documentation purposes, this AI tool is the way to go for developers and content marketers. So, try this multi-functional AI writing tool by yourself to test all the claims in this article.

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